AI EASILY Makes You MONEY! But "FREE" AI Is LIMITED (That's Why "Pro" AI Costs $20) So TWO Software Companies Built A Choice:

ONE $5 Site Where EveryDay People Can Use ALL The 95 Best AI Models (like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude3, Llama, etc.) With UNLIMITED "Pro" AI - At NO Charge - And OVER 65+ Simple APPs Do The Work!

"FORTUNE Favors The Bold" Who Use 65+ Apps & 95+ AI MODELS!

 It's FULL of APPs!

MONEY BACK Guarantee
Instant Refund - No Worry
41 Apps with 28 Ways
to Make You Money!

Note: This Site is designed to be more accessible to Sight-impaired.  CONTENT is Human Created

"While some worry that AI may take their job, Someone who's Using AI, WILL take it."
 - Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA (AI chip maker)

AI Is the Best, Easiest Way To Make You Money or Get BIG Jobs Done. Pro AI Will Create Amazing Products, But LIMITED "Free" AI Won't (We Prove it!). That's Why They Sell "Pro" (For Only THEIR) AI!

So WE Simplified Using AI, WE Pay For Your Pro AI, Eliminated Prompts

AND We Put ALL 95 BEST AI Models IN ALL Our APPs - HERE For You To Use!

A HAMBURGER Cost More Than 95+ Pro AI Models! (IF You Lock Your Price Now!)


AI is an astonishing Money Making, Time Saving Tool.
(We have 2 minute Videos about HOW Astonishing, further Below on The Page!)
AI IS the Easiest, Best Chance You Have to Make Money.  IF it's the right AI Model.
The more AI Tools you have, the better. (and WE Pay For the AI You Use)

It costs less than a Hamburger to get what you need. It may sound like Hype or "too good" - but it's all exciting fact, and to be honest, only THIS "good" for the first members. New members will after the launch will pay more.

There are MANY ways to profit from using AI.
We have a list of 28 Ways You Can Make Money (Further down the page) and that barely scratches the surface of what is possible. You can make money JUST by using it to do your Job faster OR create ads to sell products AI creates FOR you.

You can do things you never thought possible.


AI companies are NOT non-profitOpenAI, Google, Meta etc., etc. are into AI for the MONEY. They ALL have DIFFERENT AI Models. And they are NOT the same! (Is a truck the same as a Corvette?)

AI Companies and some other sites offer "FREE" versions of their AI - even their own Apps. Why? SO You will get hooked on using their AI Model App. You could easily have dozens of AI Apps cluttering your home screen. One for each model.

ALL of Their "Free" AI Is LIMITED - for a Reason. It is NOT intended to do the heavy work to create Full blown Products for you to Make You Money (Ask Free AI to Create an eBook for you. It won't!) If you just want to ask questions or make an image, "Free" AI is fine. BUT for bigger, more serious or more advanced work...

You need to BUY their $20/mo "Pro" AI version of their "Free" AI to do any Serious Work with it OR to use it to Make Money Products.
for that $20 You Only get to use THEIR AI Models! (usually one or two versions)

That is a tried & true business model - give you some free, but charge for more. It's NO surprise they all charge the same thing! $20. LOL

 If You Have Their $20 Pro AI, But Want to Use ALL the OTHER AI Models? Pay $5 for All The Rest. 🙂  

Do you want a DIFFERENT APP for every AI Model available?

SO whose AI would You choose to PAY  $20 for JUST their "Pro" Version:
 -- OpenAI's ChatGPT Pro? - $20/mo
 -- Microsoft's CoPilot Pro? (CoPilot uses OpenAI) - $19.95/mo
 -- Anthropic's Claude 3 Pro? $20/mo
 -- Google's Gemini "Advanced"? - $19.99/mo


Pay $5 /mo and Get Pro Level AI for ALL 95+ AI MODELS! INCLUDING THEIR AI!

Of course, you could also buy a hamburger for a little more. 🙂

Our Two Companies Built

ONE $5 Site That Simplifies AI For EveryDay People

 With 95+ AI Sources* (Including ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude 3 & 92 More)

65+ Simplified APPs And EVERY APP USES All 95 AI Sources(Models)

NO Charge For "Pro" AI You Use

NO Prompts For You to Create (We Take Care of That)

ALL That Gives You A Cheaper** HUGE Advantage To PROFIT From AI

 * It's as IF You Could Stream ALL The Best TV (Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc.) for $5 - except For AI
 ** Those Who Join After Launch WILL Pay More

Our site pays for the AI You use. (This is Not Our Only Site 🙂 ) We want you to use AI. USING AI to make you money or do your work, is very Smart.

But Paying $20 for ONE "Pro" AI, instead of $5 for a site with The SAME AI (+94 Other AI sources)??

Would you prefer to have 95 Apps That do the same thing, but with a DIFFERENT AI Model
ONE App That does the Same Thing - and you can CHOOSE or CHANGE IN the App the AI Model you want to use?

  You could get BOTH theirs & Ours - Think of our $5 Site as a MAJOR "AddOn" 🙂 

(With Our Instant Refund Guarantee, it basically costs NOTHING to try out.)

NOTE! After This Launch - NEW members who join will pay More than $5

==> Check It ALL Out the "Nutshell" list below
SEE what is Possible with just $5 - for our members.

AI is only PART of it! (There are a Lot of Nuts Inside Our site's "shell")

$5 May Not Buy a Lot Out There, But It Could MAKE You Money Here!

After the Nutshell list, there are several amazing 2 minute Demos, Apps, and the Elephant.)

In a Nutshell:

  • TWO Software Companies Built a Simple $5 Site
     - We combined experience, technology, funds & staff to create Apps with AI Connections
    - We Did the Math to make Unlimited PRO AI as affordable as possible ($5 for the first 300 members).
    - WE INNOVATED so we could - For EveryDay People - Do THIS:

  • GIVE You Unlimited "PRO" Level AI from 95+ AI Sources
    - We have ALL the EXACT SAME AI MODELS as they do (OpenAI, Microsoft, Claude3, Google Gemini etc.)
    - Other sites give you 1 or 2 AI Models & their "Free" AI is Restricted/Limited
    - Other Sites Charge $20 or more for "Pro" version AI to do things like create eBooks to sell.

  • We TESTED & CHOSE 95+ AI Sources For You
    - OpenAI ChatGPT (which we include) IS NOT the first, best OR Only AI Source!
    - We Tested & CHOSE 95+ AI Sources from Several THOUSAND AI Sources Available

  • We ADDED 65+ Severely SIMPLIFIED & Specialized Apps - an App Arsenal
    - Apps so simple Grandma could use them to do your homework
    - We add more Apps constantly (& other things like eBooks & videos)

  • Simple MANY-Model AI Apps (EACH with 95+ AI Sources)
      - So YOU can use MORE than just "ChatGPT" to Compete, succeed & make money
     because if you do Not USE AI, You Lose! You get left behind. Again.

  • Simplified Non-AI Apps
     - for when it's Faster and Easier NOT to Use AI (even to make money!)

  • ELIMINATED Any Need For You To Create AI Prompts
     - Simpler to GIVE you Prompts - Plus give you Apps that Create prompts FOR you

  • PUT A Growing Arsenal of Apps All In ONE Place on ONE Site
     - It's Simpler, Cheaper & More Productive than using different Apps on Many Sites

  • INVENTED Simple Apps/Tools That Run on ANY Device Or Screen
     - Control and use an entire Arsenal of AI On A PHONE with Incredible EASE
     - NO downloads, no screen clutter, no updating, no problems, simple to use. Load & Run


App Software Developer

2 Companies


2 Teams

  • FREE SUPPORT from Actual Human Beings NOT AI
     - Some things should have a human touch. We Post our email address not a "form."

  • FOCUSED Apps To Do Your Work & Make You Money
     - focused designs to simplify the Apps and get things done FASTER

  • INVENTED Simple Apps That Talk & Recognize Voice
     - So You don't have To Type Anything and can "hear" An AI  Apps Response

  • FREE "MAKE YOU An App" Service
     - If We Don't Have An App You NEED yet, just ask! We create it and add it for you.

  • FREE "GIVE You A Prompt" Service
     - If You Can't Get a Proper prompt out of our Prompt Apps or Prompt Arsenal WE will craft one FOR You

  • FREE ACCESS to Our OTHER Software & AI Sites
     - We are building other software/AI sites. All members here will get FREE Full membership at those sites.

  • WE NEVER STOP ADDING APPs, Tools & AI Sources/Models & MORE
     - We develop Apps & Tools, Test AI Sources And ADD them to the site
     - We Are Writing "How To" books, Making Videos, UTubeBooks, and More
     - You Never Pay extra for the extra we add. Your membership fee does Not go up
    - If you Pay $5/mo to join now - it's STAYS $5 when we pass 100 Apps or 100 AI Sources

  • INCLUDED A No Risk, No Questions, 30 day Guarantee
    - It's that simple: Try it and don't like it? Cancel & Get Refunded. Even on day 29. 🙂
    - KEEP everything You create. For Example: If You used our App to write a book, the book stays yours even if you cancel.

OK, That's was a LOT of "Nuts" To List! 🙂

But We SAVE You Money by Giving You ALL for Just $5
  - As Affordable as The Math said we could go & Still give you PRO Level AI use.

$5 May Not Buy a Lot Out There, But It Could MAKE You Money Here!

(Members Who Join After This Launch WILL Pay More)

NOW, check THIS out!. . .

A STAGGERING Comparison & A Power Demo:

The OpenAI site - (and others!) charges $20 for "Pro" & 2 versions of ChatGPT.
You CAN, Do & Make AMAZING things with ChatGPT.

OpenAI Site on iPhone

2 AI Model Versions

For $5 get 65+ apps. AI Arsenal App is a Many-Model App. You can do ALL the SAME Amazing things! USE ChatGPT or ANY of 95 AI models. Unlimited Pro AI

AI Arsenal App on iPhone

A Slide Menu of 95 AI Models - FREE AI
ALL Models Work The Same In The App


Explore in 2 Minutes The POWER
of MANY AI Sources (AI Models)

2 Minute Demo: How To Use ONE of our Simplified AI Apps and Choose & Use ANY of 95 AI Models (AI Sources)!  (ChatGPT is Only ONE of our AI Models)

This is ONE of MANY Apps. IF you Saw the Video - You Now know, how to use All the other Apps! (They ALL have the same Look & Layout)

This One App works like ChatGPT & Can Do Amazing Work For You & You can even choose a BETTER AI Model (AI Source) Than ChatGPT.

ANY AI Model You Choose - Any Time - You Still Pay Nothing for the AI
(There are More VIDEOS Below About Making Money with AI) 

(Members Who Join After This Launch WILL Pay More)

OK, So About that Elephant...


The AI Revolution is here To STAY. Like the Internet itself, It will GROW and spread.  Ignore it and watch your competitor Use it.

The BEST - and most Profitable - way to deal with AI is to USE It.
Make IT work FOR YOU, Profit YOU.

But there's an ELEPHANT in our room . . .

There ARE other AI sites "out there", even a few offering "Free AI" (for now).
But will that FREE AI really get the job done? NO! Their "Free" AI is LIMITED - AND ONLY Uses THEIR AI.

Some sites even have AI "Bots" you can "access" for "Free" - but again, the Free AI is LIMITED in how much you can do - whether you are using a Bot or an Agent or not, the Free AI is limited.

Also OpenAI ChatGPT (which we include) IS NOT the First, Best OR Only AI Source! There are Several THOUSAND AI Sources Available Out There.

There is PROOF below - try the same things yourself. You will get the same result.

The Fallacy of THEIR "Free AI": Microsoft, Google, even OpenAI are Not Non-profit companies. 🙂 They are in AI for the Money. So, AI they offer for "Free" now, will Not be Free later - and their Free is restricted/limited in it's use. You could pay $20 to go Pro. (You still have to know how to "Prompt.") And They offer Only ONE AI Source.

For Example: Let's Say you TRY to Use "Free AI" (like CoPilot) to create a small report/article (5,000 words - about 8 pages) to sell or to offer for free to get customer "leads."

This is what you actually get:

IF you ask for a 1,000 word Article/blog/email - you get about 500-600 words max.

IF you ask their Free AI to create an eBook - You get an Outline for it and a paragraph description. Seriously.

How many times you can prompt, and how much output you get, IS ALSO LIMITED - and a surprise.

Our site costs $5 /mo and you get Unlimited Pro AI for 95+ AI Sources/Models - Pro level AI from THE EXACT SAME AI Models! You can create HUNDREDS of these 5,000 page reports! - and we even give you the proper prompts!


Huge Advantage Goes To The AnyOne Using Our:

Customers served! 3 AI MODELS (So Far!)

Customers served! 3 APPs (So Far!)



  • Don't Need to Pay Multiple sites

  • Don't Need to Go To Multiple Sites to Use AI Apps

  • Don't Need to Go To Multiple Sites to Use other AI Models - We have the EXACT SAME AI Models here.

  • NO API Keys Needed - We Pay for The AI members use.

  • Never Have to Become a "Prompt Engineer" We GIVE You Prompts

  • Never hire a Writer again - 95+ Models & 36+ Apps write FOR you

  • Never have to pay for Graphics again.

  • Never pay for Prompts OR even create your own We GIVE You Apps for that

  • Never have to Hire a Programmer

  • NEVER (Never!) have To Learn anything complicated - All Apps are SIMPLIFIED

  • We ADD Apps - The more Apps we give you, the more work you get done, FASTER

  • NO Downloads, NO Screen Clutter - ALL Apps are on One Site, One Login

  • All Apps are EASY to Use on Any Device - Even Phone Screens

Our Severely SIMPLIFIED AI Apps fixed those problems. and more.

We Simplified AI To Do The Extraordinary...

Many Apps, Many AI Models, All with Unlimited AI. For Just $5


Having so much Power at your fingertips is Fun, and profitable.


Consider how much more Power you get from simple access to MANY AI Models (Sources of AI) Instead of ONE. Don't like the response? Choose another - In the App!

Our Apps include AI Models from OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, FaceBook, Anthropic, Perplexity, etc., etc., etc. THEY ARE THE SAME AI.

To Name a Few Included:

. . . and so, so many more!

INSIDE the Apps, You CHOOSE the AI Model You Want - from 95+ Models Available

SOLVE a Problem:
Let's say (hypothetically) you need a "vehicle" to do a particular job. Some jobs need a car. Some require a truck. Some require a Limo. Some a tractor. The vehicle needed depends on the job/work. With one click, you can choose the AI "vehicle" - an AI Model (Source of AI) - you need to get your AI job/work done.
You don't have to be stuck with just ChatGPT. If YOU have all the "Vehicles" You win.

The Simple REWARDS

WHY try to get your work done or to create a product, using ONE AI Model (ChatGPT) and endless "prompting"?

Our Apps are Simplified & Specialized and DESIGNED Specifically to do the work you need or create the product you need. And to save you time and money. And WE provide prompts.

We make Simple do, the Extraordinary:

  • SIMPLIFY Your Life with Massively Simplified AI to make you money or do your work.
  • Our Apps are SO  Simplified & Specialized, even Grandma could finish your algebra homework in seconds!
  • Simple, Specialized Apps built to be Brain-Dead Easy for an everyday person with NO tech experience.
  • Our Apps TALKeach AI App has a "Speak" button for "talking" responses.
  • You USE the 95+ AI Models by simply by choosing them from a Drop Down Menu in The App You are using.
  • ESCAPE Learning Curves. Our Apps are simple & designed so if you Learn 1, you learn them all. They have the same design, look, feel.
  • Our Specialized Apps are DESIGNED to MAKE MONEY for you (Video Below in 'The Money' Section shows You HOW, in 3 minutes)
  • These Simplified & Specialized Apps are the result of 2 Years of Development by 2 Software Companies.
  • Real HUMAN Support not AI - email us at [email protected]  ANYTIME or Question.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
 – Leonardo da Vinci.



WHEN you Go beyond just using our "FREE" Apps and JOIN, then Using the site and getting access to the entire Apps ARSENAL™ and ALL the AI Models and using EVERYTHING else we have added so far - and will add - is simplicity itself. Just 3 Steps:

The APP Chosen Opens in a NEW Page Like...

Apps open and run as their own stand-alone INDIVIDUAL Single Page App and run independently - they use NO RESOURCES on the server, so there are NO performance issues for you.

Apps display perfectly, even on a small phone screen. SIMPLE to use.


Our Individual, Stand-alone, Simplified Apps do your work. They create products to sell. They chat. And more. Our Simplified Apps have a similar look, feel, and ALL work the same way.

There are Apps to do everything - all the work - You need. They run on ANY device - even use them on your phone screen - all from ONE site. SIMPLIFIED Apps Even Grandma Could Use (Multi-Model AI, AI and NON-AI)

There are:

-- Apps to MAKE You MONEY
-- Apps to Write Content for You
-- Apps to MAKE Apps to Sell (in seconds, No coding)
-- Apps to Make Products to Sell
-- Apps to Write Complete eBooks READY to Sell
-- Apps to Do Your Work Fast & Easy
-- Apps to Create AI Images & Graphics
-- Apps that have a Speak button so they can TALK (actually Speak)
-- Apps so simplified Grandma could use them
-- Multi-Model Apps to "Chat" & use a Choice of 95+ AI Models - Including ChatGPT

Over 65+ Simplified & Specialized Apps - Multi-Model AI, AI, and Non-AI - And more being added Constantly.
Many of the Apps have multiple purposes and can do multiple tasks

IF You Only Want ChatGPT?

Use our Quick Easy AI App - a direct Chat Interface into the Same OpenAI ChatGPT. It Does the EXACT SAME THINGS You'd do On OpenAI! For $5 instead of $20.

ChatGPT IS NOT The ONLY AI Model Here!

The PROMPTS Eliminated

Prompts can drive you crazy. Most sites don’t reveal to you a need for “prompts“ (what you "say" to the AI) till after you’ve paid and joined.  These AI require prompts.

One way we simplify AI for you, is by eliminating any need for you to create prompts.

In layman's terms “Prompts“ are what you 'say' – usually by text – to the AI model to get the response you want: questions, instructions, or context to use, etc.. 

Prompts are a New & difficult World to most people. So we provide FOUR ways to minimize or eliminate your need to Create a Prompt:

  • We put Prompts IN the Apps for you to just select and use.
  • We insert PrePrompts in our App CODE to Simplify Prompting & get better responses
  • We Created a Prompt Engineer App you can ASK to create the prompt you need
  • We Created the Prompts Arsenal App with a database of Tens of Thousands of prompts already written, edited & tested - you just choose.

You will not have to deal with creating prompts at all and definitely won’t have to be a prompt engineer. 🙂

The MONEY (Making Yours With AI)

Money is not a four letter word 🙂

We can all use money - why Not have AI and Apps do the work to get it, for you?

Most people are using AI - to make money, either by creating actual products to sell OR by using AI to do the work SO MUCH FASTER, or to help them sell. Or even to improve their jobs.

We have many Apps for that. Both AI Apps AND Non-AI Apps.

There are examples and demos on this page below to demonstrate the what and the how.

ONLY Need ONE  To Make Money  

 It only takes ONE simple product to make some money.
We have several Apps that make things You Can Sell.

It only takes ONE Good product (idea) to make good money.
Just don't let someone else use your idea first. Join first! Timing, is everything. Don't be left behind.


Get an eBook Written for Amazon In Minutes. (Why not? We did it)

We have THREE eBook Maker Apps.

We used AI eBook Write-r Xtreme App for a test. It can Create COMPLETE Non-Fiction eBooks from a simple description of an idea (We used 4 sentences!)

In 2 days, we created 4 Kindle eBooks (85+ Pages LONG!) READY TO BE PUBLISHEDApproved by Amazon and LISTED for sale - Approved EXACTLY as written by our App.

We made no changes or edits. The App delivered an eBook in Kindle Format ready to be published that Amazon did not know was AI. They are available on Kindle RIGHT NOW.

Of course, you could also sell the eBooks yourself. (on X, GumRoad, FaceBook, etc.)

A Video Below Shows You How We Did This.

==== Is it Worth $5 to Make $50?

After watching our video below, with our Apps you could create a small, ready to be published book in 20 minutes, max. While watching TV. Or eating a sandwich.

If you only charged $5, made posts about it on FaceBook, and only 10 people buy it, WHO CARES?! You had AI create it!

 You make $50 and YOU are now a "Published Author"

Make Money DEMO 1:

HOW - Using (One of 3) Apps - To Create & Publish Your Own AI Written eBook on Amazon - For Fun & Profit

Short Demo: How To Use One Simplified AI App To Publish an AI Written eBook on Amazon in Minutes

If you Watched this You know how to use our other Apps! (All use the same style interface)

This is Just ONE App That can help you Make Money with The Apps Arsenal™

27 More Ways To Make Money with 26 Apps

Knowing One method and seeing one video only scratches the surface.

Click The Button To POP UP a list to learn 27 ways to Make Money using our Apps. (even that, doesn't scratch the surface)

The MONEY (Making Money Without AI)

AI apps are Not the only Apps we have to help you make money - we also have NON-AI Apps in the Arsenal for doing the same thing. More than one.


UTubeBook Maker is a NON-AI App that Creates a "Gallery of Videos" Book - a Stand-alone Web App that runs on ANY DEVICE!
Legally Use ANY Videos You Choose from YouTube or Vimeo

YouTube can be used for things like getting some traffic via Videos you create, But It is VERY difficult, and expensive, to make money directly on the site itself. We fixed that.

UTubeBook Maker Pro creates a Video Book App you CAN sell or give away by leveraging those Videos on YouTube. ANY video on YouTube & Vimeo.

When anyone uploads a Video to YouTube (or Vimeo), they have to agree/not agree to allow that video to be "embedded" viewed & shared in websites outside of YouTube. 

UTubeBook Maker creates UTubeBooks - a "Gallery of Videos" Book App, with or without text you add to videos, by using the "embed link".

IT DOES NOT COPY the videos - just load the video thumbnail and first frame. The Book App that is created, loads (FAST!) & displays those videos - ON DEMAND.

The VideoBook App it creates can be uploaded on any website anywhere.

UTubeBook Maker can (if you like) password protect your Book App - a user has to have the password to use the App and see the Videos YOU selected or created (and uploaded to YouTube).

SO, you can SELL "access" to the Book App videos by selling the password access.
THIS VIDEO below shows you, in a few minutes, how it's done. It is simple and easy.

Make Money DEMO 2:

UTubeBook Maker Creates a UTubeBook, a "Gallery of Videos" Book as a stand-alone Web App that runs on ANY DEVICE! Legally Use ANY Videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
Short Demo: How To Use One Simplified AI App To Publish an AI Written eBook on Amazon in Minutes

If you Watched this You know how to use our other Apps! (All use the same style interface)

This is Just ONE App That can help you Make Money with The Apps Arsenal™


Our Dedicated MISSION is to Provide as many SOURCES of AI as Possible and Simplify AI for everyday people. To build inexpensive, simplified and specialized AI & Non-AI Software that is Simple Smart and built to actually help YOU - to Get Your Work done FASTER or to Make You some Money, Easier. AS INEXPENSIVELY AS POSSIBLE.


We are committed to HELPING our visitors and members, SO We WELCOME & ENCOURAGE ANY Questions YOU have, directly to our email address:  [email protected]

We Want to be contacted, and answer your questions PERSONALLY.


Two Software Companies Creates These Apps

Not one, but TWO Software/Engineering companies - One in the US and one in the EU, who partnered in 2021 to create all this software and AI and this site, applying decades of experience in development and engineering with Teams of professional artists, writers, programmers and engineers.

These Apps are Not the creations of some lone marketer and an outsourced programmer.

Joe C. - Leader
Dead Parrot Software Inc.
A former NASA/ Intel/ Bell Labs Engineer

For 15 years Dead Parrot Software Inc. (DPS) has developed software products for ourselves & other companies. Now we are DEDICATED to our Site Members:.

to providing ONE platform FULL of Simplified Apps and Multi-Model AI Apps™  to Get Things Done Quickly & Make them Money. 

Our Apps run on ANY device, any screen, from PC to Phone.

Our creative engineering team LOVES to create Apps (and eBooks, digital art, videos & more) -  So Apps are Added CONSTANTLY. Over 48 Apps ADDED in past 6 months

AND I want you to ask ANYTHING, then Please do so:  [email protected]

 Luis Hernández Peña
CEO of SinLios Soluciones Digitales

Since 2012, SinLios has been developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Single Page Apps (SPA), as well as native Windows Apps with development software & tools THEY developed: VisualNeo Web & VisualNeo Windows compiler and IDE's.

These same tools were used to create the Apps for this site. The Apps on this site could not have been developed so rapidly without VisualNeoWeb.

SinLios is a strategic and software development partner with Dead Parrot Software. BOTH companies are dedicated to developing Apps for this site and it's members using the latest technology.

Please Check out the Apps SHOWCASE Below


There is so much we could share with you about the AI, the Apps, and Software it could fill a book. So We Wrote One!  (Like Everything Else - It's Included in your membership. Available in about a week.

The Dead Easy AI Guides:
Simplifying AI For Everyday People

Joe e. Clayton  & Luis Hernández Peña

Apps ARSENAL Showcase

Below is a showcase of Just SOME of the Apps ARSENAL™ Apps, so far. ALL of them are SimplifiedSingle Page Apps.  EASY to use, but powerful. ALL plugged into and executed/run from our single site Platform! And we will continue to develop and Add more Continuously.

Make Money Apps

Money Apps are what we call the Simplified APP Maker & Product Maker Apps in the Arsenal. You actually can make money with these Apps. 

These Apps were designed to create Products for you. Your own Apps, eBooks, etc. NO effort, NO coding.

The AI does the Work and produces Simplified  Products for you, ready to sell & deliver. In minutes. Some of the Apps on this site were created with Money Apps!

Create a HUNDRED Apps - Create a HUNDRED eBooks.  Make MONEY by doing your work INCREDIBLY FAST - It still costs you nothing extra.

 Money Apps: Xtreme AI Makers

These are several Xtreme Money Apps created by our Teams to help you make money using AI to write COMPLETE eBooks or custom "focused" AI Bots and we are adding more.

TWO Amazing (Amazon KDP Ready) eBook MAKER Apps

In 2 Versions - Human Enhanced (HE) and Pure AI - BOTH Create COMPLETE eBooks from Just an Idea.

AI eBook Write-r - HE   & 
AI eBook Write-r Xtreme
(Human Enhanced AI & Pure AI Versions)

Create COMPLETE Full Non-Fiction eBooks from an idea & a simple description!

In 1 day, we created & PUBLISHED 4 Kindle eBooks, Approved by Amazon and LISTED for sale - Approved EXACTLY as written by our App. We made no edits.

(Of course, you could also sell the eBooks yourself)

Create eBooks - output in Kindle format! - that seem Human written & passed Amazon's review. No Effort, No writing!

All that is needed is a description of the idea.

Easily Making Your Own AI Apps For Fun & Profit

Creates Packaged AI Apps ready for buyers to download

AIMX - AI Maker Xtreme (App Maker)

Create COMPLETE AI Apps - packaged & ready for buyers to download. In minutes, focused on a specific use or task, such as content creators.

Want to create an AI App that generates headlines and titles? Easy! NO coding.
(some of the Apps on this site were created with THIS App.)

All that is needed is an idea and a few pieces of information.

The possibilities for what you could create are endless.

Easily Making Your Own Focused AI Chat BOTs

Creates Packaged AI BOT Apps ready for buyers to download

AI Bot Dazzler Pro - AI App Maker

Create COMPLETE conversational  AFocused (Chat)Bot Apps packaged & ready for buyers to download. In minutes, focused on a specific topic (like health, travel, etc.)

Create an AI App that will chat with people about whatever topic you choose - Easy!  NO coding. 

Some of our AFocused AI Apps were created with THIS Maker App!

All You need is to choose a topic & fill in some blanks.

The possibilities for what you could create are endless.

Money Apps: NoCoding App Makers 

Our teams develop a variety of multi-platform NoCode MAKER Apps  for creating your own Simple Smart™ SPA - Single Page (web) Apps - Both AI and Non-AI. WITHOUT CODING

It takes NO coding (NO Code NO Effort) or a Tech education to create Apps. Create Apps To use yourself or sell/create for a fee

AD Lister Page Maker Xtreme - Creates An Advertising Single Page App

AD Lister Page App Maker

Create an Advertisement Single Page App packaged & ready for buyers to download (Non-AI) or For YOU to Use.

A Drag & Drop / Fill In The blank maker makes your Ad Page App In minutes.

It creates an App that is RESPONSIVE Page even  if it is embedded inside a an i-frame on any other page/site.

All that is needed is to drop in an image and fill in some blanks.

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless. We also provide a SITE for hosting theses pages - FREE for members.

SCROLL SOME of The Other SPA Maker Apps (NON-AI): 


Our team develops multi-platform AFocused AI ChatBot Apps, for you to USE. With these you can Create specific Content or Images from AI you need (To use or sellOR use the Apps just to do difficult tasks quickly and easily! Ask and They Answer.


App Interface to Use MANY AI MODELS from Our Site

AI Arsenal App - A MANY Model AI Interface

Choose and Use the MANY AI Models directly from This App - for FREE (We pay for it) - EXACTLY THE SAME as their sites.

The versatile AI Arsenal App, is a powerful AI tool that provides information, answers questions, content and fulfills requests. Ask questions (prompts) and get responses.

This app goes beyond ChatGPT by offering you the ability to CHOOSE from a wide array of MANY AI models. You can do everything with this App, that you can do at OpenAI. 

The possibilities for what you could create are endless, including ANY type of content. 

Use this interface when you can't find an AFocused App in the Apps ARSENAL™  to do the job.

USE OpenAI ChatGPT From OUR App - Free

Interface to OpenAI's ChatGPT from Our Site

Quick Easy AI - The OpenAI AI Interface

Use OpenAI AI Models directly from Our App - for FREE.
Everything you can do at OpenAI, you can do with the App

Use AI that provides information, answers questions, creates content and fulfills requests. Ask questions (prompts) and get responses. (We have a Prompt Database you can use).

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless, including ANY type of content.

Use this interface when you can't find an App in the Apps ARSENAL™  to do a particular job. OR ask us to create an App that does what you need.

SCROLL Thru Just A Couple of The OTHER AFocused AI Apps:

Some Non-AI Software Apps

These Apps are NOT AI - but Are Intelligently coded. 

Our team develops a variety of multi-platform Simple Smart™ SPA (Single Page - web - Apps),  for your use to Create things you need - from CONTENT to IMAGES to MORE - OR just to do difficult tasks quickly and easily!

SOME of The 14+ NON-AI Software Apps:

Meme-r: SOFTWARE TOOL - Create Memes THE SIMPLE - Even Fun! - Way (Who Needs Over Complicated software?)

GifShooter: Create GIF Movies from images OR video - simple task single screen App

PDF-r: Super EASY & Quick Way To Build a PDF - Why Use Complicated Software?

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For $5 - Right Now - You GET:

  • 81+ AI Sources (Models) to use Including ChatGPT (ALL The Big Models)

  • WE Pay for Unlimited/Unrestricted AI Use (All Models)

    Simplified Non-AI Apps
    Simplified Many-Model Apps

  • 65+ Apps to MAKE You MONEY & Do Jobs
        - Apps to Write Content for You
        - Apps to MAKE Apps to Sell (in seconds, No coding)
        - Apps to Make Products to Sell
        - Apps to Write Complete eBooks READY to Sell
        - Apps to Do Your Work Fast & Easy
        - Apps to Create AI Images & Graphics

  • The New Apps & AI Models (and More) Constantly Added

  • Prompts Provided FOR You (4 Ways)

  • Apps that Run on Any Device Even Phones

  • One Page Manuals & Video Tutorials for Apps

  • Related Books, Videos & eCourses Added

  • Help/Support from Humans NOT AI

  • Every Product You Create With Apps is Yours
      (Even If You Cancel)

      (We have several - Bonus worth $10-$22/mo per site)

  • No Fees, No Contracts, Cancel ANY Time

  • If You Need an App, We Will Make It

  • The Book: The Dead Easy AI Guides:
    Simplifying AI For Everyday People 
    (Human written. Publishing in May)

  • The Book: The Dead Easy AI Guides:
    Simplifying Prompts For Everyday People

    (Human written. Publishing in June)

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Free Apps Will Always Be Here To Use, Yet
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More Tech Products Showcase

Digital Information Products for ALL Members

Information in digital form 

Our Team creates and curates information and delivers it to ALL members in  a variety of formats and forms, focused primarily on Tech & Software AND how to Market and  EARN INCOME with our software. 

  • eBooks & PDFs (on software, marketing, etc.)
  • eCourses (to teach our members)
  • Videos & Audios (to inform)

Digital Art

Digital Art  & More for ALL Members

With Both Artists & Engineers There Is More Than Just Software

There is more to Innovation than engineering. The creative members of our team have and will continue to create digital based art and products for this site related to tech:

  • Digital & AI Art (created by our own team)
  • Reel Apps (Our Creation)

Meet Some  of Our Team

A Few of The People Who Develop the Products For This Site.

Engineering Leader / AUTHOR


Ex-NASA/Intel/Bell Labs Engineer, Author - Designer of DSB Management Framework for this site

Digital Artist


Lead Artist. A Creator of Digital Art, Cartoonist, Painter.

Web Programmer


Full Stack developer of Web Software Platforms & PWA (Progressive Web Apps)